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Eleet News

Nikkiso Logo

Exclusive Distributor Announcement

Eleet Cryogenics is excited to become the Exclusive Stocking Distributor of NIKKISO ambient vaporizers. This puts Eleet in a unique position to provide cryogenic tanks, vaporizers, and pressure / temperature control assemblies for Medical and Industrial applications. With our in-house engineering services, we can design and deliver a complete package regardless of size in just a few days giving our customers a competing edged to win new business. Eleet will be stocking vaporizers from 5,000 to 50,000 (450 and 600 psi) SCFH at three location, Bolivar Ohio , Conroe Texas, and Murrieta California. “One call get’s it all”

Garry & Tenia Breaking Ground

Eleet Breaks Ground on New Facility

Eleet Cryogenics has broken ground on a new strategically located facility in Texas, expanding its capabilities for customers in the Southern United States.

The facility will serve as an ideal location for cryogenic bulk tank rehabilitation and microbulk refurbishment as well as a distribution point for new Taylor-Wharton Bulk and Microbulk tanks, a full range of vaporizers, rental trailers, and Eleet-built manifolds and assemblies.  The facility includes ample storage both indoor and out for customer assets, large office space with training facilities, and a state-of-the-art blast and paint booth.

The President of Eleet Cryogenics, Garry Sears, had this to say, “The new facility enables us to provide identical services to our Ohio location on a broader size of products.  No longer will infrastructure be a limitation to what we can do.”

This facility is a logical growth step following the purchase of West Cryogenics in 2019.  The production area totals 48,000 square feet, all with 70+ ft high bays to store and service even the largest vertical tanks.  Eleet is actively looking to hire additional personnel to add to our growing team of highly skilled cryogenic professionals.

The new location will be ready to receive customer equipment in the 4th Quarter 2021 and fully operational soon after.

Cryogenic Tank

Cryogenic Tanks and Trailers

Cryogenic tanks and trailers are used to store and transport liquefied gases such as liquid oxygen, LNG and liquid nitrogen at extremely high pressures and low temperatures.

More than 250,000 specially designed tanks store and transport industrial gases globally, with the market estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 7% by 2023. According to Research and Markets, this growth is fuelled by high demand for these gases across different industries including pharmaceuticals, petrochemical and food and beverage.

Increasing applications of cryogenics in chemical plants and laboratories coupled with increasing usage of liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide for transportation of frozen food as well as fruit juices for long distances are the key drivers of cryogenic tanks market, says Grand View Research.

Growing LNG demand coupled with rapidly expanding fleet owing to high natural gas consumption particularly in economies including Qatar, Oman, Japan, China, and India could expand the industry, estimates Grand View Research. Cryogenic tank demand in LNG is anticipated to witness high growth over the next seven years on account of improving trade and upcoming facilities in aforementioned nations.

gasworld asked Eleet Cryogenics to provide us with insight into what is driving this business.

Founded in 1996 by Garry Sears, a seasoned industrial gas industry professional who saw the need for a company focused on the rehab of tanks and equipment, Eleet Cryogenics provides tanks that are restored to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications based on customer-specific requirements.

In addition to pre-owned fully rehabbed tanks, Eleet stocks new tanks and is the exclusive distributor for Taylor-Wharton microbulk and bulk tanks in the US and Canada.

“We work with most of the major gas companies and distributors,” highlights Doug Morton, Vice-President of Sales. “We also provide the final line manifolds, vaporizers and other equipment that would be used on the bulk pad to be able to efficiently ship everything on one truck.”

Morton says Eleet has noticed the very high-pressure bulk and microbulk tanks have been very popular. The US company has also seen an increase in CO2 tank demand.

“The CO2 business has grown with additional uses in agriculture to enhance efficiencies. We’ve also seen growth where metal fabrication shops have added laser cutting machines and added more capacity which requires nitrogen bulk tanks.”

“For the tank manufacturers that provide high quality tanks with configurations designed with the user in mind and add value through education when investigating the proper equipment for the application, the future is solid. There are many new applications still being developed in a relatively young segment of the industry.”

Texas Facility

Eleet Cryogenics ramps up its Texas facility

Eeet Cryogenics, Inc., has been busy expanding and renovating its newly acquired Texas facility as the cryogenic bulk storage tank company prepares for more growth.

The Bolivar, Ohio-based firm acquired West Cryogenics, Inc. in January, to give it a presence in the Southern part of the US and now has stocking locations in Ohio, Georgia, and Texas for new Taylor- Wharton bulk and micro-bulk tanks to better serve these markets.

Eleet’s capabilities includes repair, rehabilitation and refurbishment with its inventory listing pre-owned fully rehabbed cryogenic tanks and carbon dioxide (CO2) tanks, a wide variety of control manifolds for industrial and medical use, vaporizers, parts, and new Taylor-Wharton microbulk and bulk tanks, and microbulk delivery units.

Its Ohio headquarters stretch over 12 acres, five buildings, and 100,000 sq ft of production space. The new facility in Willis, Texas, just 50 miles north of Houston, is 20,000 sq ft with room to expand.

West Cryogenics, founded in 1985, specialized in liquid cylinder repair, microbulk and bulk tank rehab, and manufacturing of portable cryogenic trailers. Doug Morton, Vice-President Sales at Eleet, said the acquisition was an ideal strategic move. With the deal finalized, the work began in Willis.

“The first priority was to organize existing inventory and streamline the operation in order to become more efficient,” Morton told gasworld. “We identified critical infrastructure shortfalls and completed a series of capital expenditures to create the capability to move much larger tanks into the facility. With this added capability, we’ve already experienced an influx of larger tanks. We will continue to add to the infrastructure to support future growth targets. We’ve received a high volume of requests to provide our products and services in the region. The added capability at the Texas facility is that we also provide liquid cylinder refurb services, a service we do not have in Ohio.”

“It’s been very busy with lots of new activity. Part of the expansion included bringing on industry veteran Rick Hamilton [as Director of Sales] to develop business in the Southwest. It will be exciting to watch the growth at our Houston facility. We shipped tanks to  the Southwest and Gulf Coast in the past from Ohio, but having a location here is making Eleet quality more economical for customers in the area. We’re stocking pre-owned rehab tanks, in addition to Taylor-Wharton microbulk, bulk, and vacuum jacketed CO2 tanks.”

Morton also revealed a new product for later in the year. “Customers who knew West Cryogenics are aware they used to have a product called the GOrilla, a portable trailer-mounted cryogenic tank,” he said.

“We discontinued that model and will offer an enhanced replacement for it called the Scorpion. It’s a 900g, 250psi horizontal tank on a trailer with an ambient vaporizer, final line assembly, and distribution manifold that can be custom tailored to specific applications. We have the tanks in production and look forward to bringing the Scorpion to market in the coming months.”

Eleet became the exclusive North American stocking partner and sales channel for Taylor-Wharton Malaysia’s microbulk tanks, atmospheric bulk tanks, and vacuum jacked CO2 tanks in 2016. “For us it’s about growing the market share through providing great service, products, and technical solutions,” Morton said.

“Even when growth in the economy is in question, for us, there’s a lot of room to grow the Taylor-Wharton line of tanks. They have performed exceptionally well and are gaining traction in the market. Many in our industry are comfortable working with Eleet, as we work to build on our reputation as a fair and reliable company and have worked hard to earn that reputation since the inception in 1996.”

“Customers can be confident they are receiving the highest quality bulk tank when they receive a Taylor-Wharton from Eleet. The vessel is built in one of the finest facilities in the world at Taylor- Wharton Malaysia, piped by Eleet, and we are the company that stands behind  it. We’re a small business that prides itself on being easy to work with and able to make decisions quickly. With over 300 years of combined experience piping cryogenic tanks, it was a perfect fit for us as well as for Taylor-Wharton.”

“We are a lot more than just a broker or distributor who sells a tank. We really look at the application and make sure the equipment is ideally suited for the project. We can customize and modify on the fly to meet any requirement and won’t sell a tank if it’s not a good fit.

We’re not afraid to walk away from an opportunity because of that. We look at our customers as lifetime customers, not just a transaction.”

Like others who feature in this issue, Eleet is seeing a lot of activity in the CO2 segment in many new applications. The demand has also been increasing for the very high pressure 500 psi applications requiring the new Taylor-Wharton microbulk and bulk tanks, as well as large bulk tanks.

Can we expect any more expansion from Eleet in the future? “We will be stocking tanks strategically where needed and continue to keep a pulse on the market and be open to new expansion opportunities,” Morton said.

“Our customers like what we’re doing because we can provide everything that goes on a truck for install: the tank, the vaporizer, the manifolds, the installation parts, all on one load. It’s nice to have that diversification, we’re not real heavy on one side of the business and we have a good balance. We have over $2m of parts on the shelf and offer them at very competitive prices.”

“We’re lean and we try to be as fair as we can with everybody. We continue to grow and we keep adding people. We will continue to look at ways to grow as needed to best serve the market – which certainly keeps it very exciting and interesting.”

Scorpion Text

Introducing the Scorpion

Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. is bringing out a new product this year called the Scorpion, a portable/delivery unit. The Bolivar-Ohio based company is the exclusive North American stocking partner and sales channel for Taylor-Wharton Malaysia’s microbulk tanks, atmospheric bulk tanks, and vacuum jacketed carbon dioxide (CO2) tanks. Eleet’s capabilities includes repair, but it is also capable of producing new products. Contact us for more information.

Noah Swarny

New Promotion!

Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. is excited to announce the promotion of Noah Swarny to Director of Engineering. Noah celebrated 10 years at Eleet Cryogenics in March 2020 and has been an instrumental part of Eleet’s growth. Noah started his career through a high school engineering internship and worked part-time while earning his B.S. in Engineering from Ohio University. He became a full-time Applications Engineer in 2014 with a focus on custom manifold design, product development, and project management. He has been an active member of the Compressed Gas Association since 2015 and earned a Masters of Business Administration in 2019. He has designed hundreds of custom manifolds and looks forward to helping you with your next project.

Greg Patterson

Press Release

Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. is excited to announce that Greg Patterson has joined the Eleet team as General Manager for the Willis, Texas facility. He and his wife Jodi are Ohio natives with two sons and three grandchildren. Greg spent the last sixteen years growing the business of an Ohio-based welding distributor where he served as Service Manager for 12 years, helping to grow the bulk business nearly seven times. Most recently, he served as the Operations Manager for the last four years. Greg is a certified Journeyman Machine Repairmen with extensive mechanical and electrical maintenance experience spending several years installing and servicing bulk equipment. Greg’s leadership, skills, and experience will be pivotal as we expand services in the area.

Ohio School Board Association

OSBA Honor Roll Presented to Garry Sears

The Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools Board of Education, at its regular May 13 meeting, presented Garry Sears, Founder and President/CEO of Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. – with the 2019 Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Business Honor Roll Award.

Superintendent Mark Murphy described Sears as one of the most involved and committed business leaders of the Tuscarawas Valley Local School District.  “Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. has provided generous support and leadership to major initiatives within the TV School District and Tuscarawas County including Project Lead the Way, job and career exploration, and student internships,” explains Murphy.

“For years, Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. has championed and financially supported the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) pre­ engineering program.”  Celebrating its 10th year in Tuscarawas County, PLTW has given hundreds of students opportunities to learn pre-engineering concepts and apply their skills utilizing state of the art technology and equipment.  An annual PLTW Community Showcase is held at the conclusion of each school year with Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. as a premier sponsor.

“Mr. Sears believes in giving students multiple and early opportunities for career exploration including mentorship and internship with local businesses and industries,” reports Murphy.  “Mr. Sears routinely accepts student interns for paid positions, oftentimes assisting with college tuition and awarding the student with ongoing employment.  In addition, Mr. Sears serves as a “Career Bridge” mentor for the Buckeye Career Technical Planning District Workforce Development Committee.  Mr. Sears meets regularly with TV High School students, takes inventory of career interests and abilities, and then personally connects students to leaders in the appropriate industry.”

Sears also represents the Tuscarawas Valley Local School District by serving on the Business Advisory Council organized by the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center.  “Mr. Sears’s experience, wisdom, and perspective brings tremendous leadership and oversight as the council strives to ensure all students are properly trained for college, military, or the workforce.”

Rick Hamilton

Rick Hamilton Joins Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. as Director – Sales, Southwest Region

We are pleased to announce the key addition of Rick Hamilton as the Director – Sales, Southwest Region. Rick has proven experience working for multiple major industrial gas companies in the sales role as a bulk specialist. This skillset and knowledge base will bring value to the customers end user bulk applications, mode change analysis, contractual expertise, etc. which results in the best solutions for their business. Rick comes to us with a diverse background selling in the industrial gas, medical gas and oilfield markets. He is extremely customer focused and works with the highest ethical standard. Rick has effectively covered the entire Gulf Coast and is a Texas resident of 20 years with a degree in business from the University of Louisiana. He is a passionate family man and spends his spare time watching his twin sons play competitive golf as two of the top junior players in the country. His employment here is a culmination of his experience and excellent track record in the industry.

West Cryogenics Logo

Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. acquires West Cryogenics, Inc.

Eleet Cryogenics, Inc., a leading supplier of new and used bulk and micro-bulk tanks, along with rehab services and industrial and medical final line assemblies, etc., is pleased to announce that they have acquired West Cryogenics, Inc. in Willis, Texas who specializes in liquid cylinder and bulk tank rehab, manufacturing of portable cryogenic trailers, provides transport rehab, etc. This expansion is instrumental to the continued growth of Eleet Cryogenics and builds upon the solid foundation that West Cryogenics has established since their inception in 1985. Both family owned companies have shared the same core values and focus.

Eleet Logo

Eleet is excited to announce the addition of Jon (Ty) Bradshaw and Michael Vandergriff

This Summer, Ty Bradshaw took over as the Production Supervisor, overseeing cryogenic tank rehabilitation and new cryogenic tank piping processes. Most recently, Bradshaw was General Manager at Applied Industrial Technologies in Bradley, IL.  Prior to working at Applied, he worked at Linde US in various roles including Field Service, Asset Management, and Procurement. Mike came on board as the Director of Sales – Southeast Region in September. Vandergriff is a 30-year industry veteran and has held senior roles in sales, distribution, and field service.

Taylor -Wharton Logo

Partnership Is Moving Forward

The Taylor-Wharton and Eleet Cryogenics partnership is now moving forward at a sustained pace. The most recent management meeting resulted in the development of a priority –driven schedule to meet the requests received from the members of the industry. The full line of atmospheric bulk storage vessels is now available, with vertical 250 psig vessels from 1500-13000 gallons in capacity in stock. 15000 gallon vessels are on the way. Horizontal atmospheric bulk storage vessels are in development, as are both vertical and horizontal hydrogen bulk storage vessels. Once these designs are completed and introduced, the focus will move to both micro-bulk and VJ CO2 bulk storage vessels. It is truly an exciting time for both Taylor Wharton and Eleet Cryogenics as we continue to develop an offering of products and services we believe will be unique. We have identified and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of both companies in a completely transparent interchange and, subsequently, we have formulated our plans to incorporate the strengths of each organization, while we work diligently to strengthen ourselves in the areas where we are experiencing sub-par performance. This approach will afford us the opportunity to improve on a continuous basis. We appreciate all the valuable input we have received from the industry thus far. We encourage you to continue to challenge us with your ideas and input. It is our goal to provide the industry with the highest quality cryogenic storage equipment and services, while also providing a level of flexibility in functionality that is not available to the industry elsewhere. You may reach us via our websites, or via your individual contacts at either Taylor-Wharton or Eleet Cryogenics. More updates to follow in the weeks ahead.