About Eleet Cryogenic Tanks

About Us

Looking for a Bulk Storage Tank Company that offers repair, rehabilitation and refurbishment? Looking for new Taylor-Wharton bulk and micro-bulk tanks and accessories, fully rehabbed tanks, lease equipment, or parts? You can be confident that you have come to the right place.

At Eleet Cryogenics we offer exceptional quality at a fair price. We maintain modern, organized facilities, with an experienced, industry leading workforce. We support bulk distribution companies throughout North America and overseas. We approach each project, large or small, with the same attitude, energy and urgency, and we handle all the details so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

There are many reasons why gas companies and distributors nationwide come to Eleet Cryogenics to purchase and service their pre-owned bulk storage and micro-bulk tanks. As the exclusive distributor of Taylor-Wharton bulk and micro-bulk tanks (1,000 liter – 15,000 gallon) for the USA and Canada, we can provide your new tank requirements as well.  Its been said that “if you get a tank from Eleet, you can set it and forget it.” Why is that? The biggest reason being the personnel that comprise our “ELEET” production team, including several in key positions with a background in cryogenic field service work. They enable us to provide our customers with high quality tanks, long term performance and minimal service requirements. Here are a few items that our customers have said set us apart from the competition:

• Tanks are piped to ensure durability and efficient operation.
• Key components are easy to access if field service is required.
• We only use high quality components that have a proven history of reliability and longevity.
• Our tanks are consistently rehabbed and feature redundant fill valves, isolation valves for telemetry, vacuum integrity, high quality paint and more.
• Micro-bulk tanks are restored to meet, or exceed manufacturer specifications based on customer-specific requirements
• Eleet Cryogenics treats everyone fairly and provides customers with quality rehabbed tanks at a fair price.

Give us a chance to work for you and you can be certain that a satisfying, long-term relationship will be the result.

Our History

Eleet Cryogenics was founded in 1996 by Garry Sears.

After spending more than 20 years working for two different major gas suppliers, Garry recognized the need for a company that focused on customer station rehab and associated equipment. With that target in mind the Eleet Cryogenics philosophy was born – “Give our customers quality service and products at a fair price, and treat each customer with the same importance.” Our focus has remained the same and Eleet has grown to become one of the most respected rehab shops in the country. We have an “ELEET” well trained and experienced workforce. A workforce that is second to none, and one of the main reasons why we are leading the industry.