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    CO2 Tanks

    Eleet Cryogenics has the equipment and personnel to rehab, service and maintain foam insulated bulk CO2 Tanks.

    Customers have come to know high-quality products and exceptional service from Eleet in other markets and you can expect the same “set it, and forget it” quality in the CO2 tank market as well. Eleet also offers all of the components necessary for any bulk CO2 application, large or small. Whether your tank or system needs repair, adjustment, or complete replacement, Eleet Cryogenics can help you.

    Here are a few items that our customers have said that set us apart from the competition:

    • All wet and damaged insulation is removed.
    • All piping is replaced with schedule 80 pipe and fittings.
    • A three-way selector valve replaces the old safety valve so you can safely and easily change out-of-date safety valves without dumping the contents of the tank.
    • We use all stainless steel ball valves and tubing, Swagelok fittings and new pressure gauges.
    • We use R404A, Copeland semi-hermatic condensing units (4 degree or 10 psi differential for high-efficiency).
    • Every unit is fully piped and pressure tested upon completion.

    Eleet is here if your tank requires CO2 equipment components to be added or replaced. We offer experience and knowledge when working with pressure builders, vapor heaters, direct to process systems and regulators. Contact us and we will evaluate your unique needs, then recommend, repair, service or install your CO2 tank components.

    For more information on CO2 Tank rehab and repair from Eleet Cryogenics click here.

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    CO2 Tank Inventory

    Eleet has a wide selection of new and fully refurbished cryogenic tanks and related equipment available for sale.

    Click here to see our entire inventory including Vaporizers, CO2 Tanks and Mobile Units available for Lease.

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