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    Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. Acquires West Cryogenics, Inc.

    Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. acquires West Cryogenics, Inc.

    Eleet Cryogenics, Inc., a leading supplier of new and used bulk and micro-bulk tanks, along with rehab services and industrial and medical final line assemblies, etc., is pleased to announce that they have acquired West Cryogenics, Inc. in Willis, Texas who specializes in liquid cylinder and bulk tank rehab, manufacturing of portable cryogenic trailers, provides transport rehab, etc.

    This expansion is instrumental to the continued growth of Eleet Cryogenics and builds upon the solid foundation that West Cryogenics has established since their inception in 1985. Both family owned companies have shared the same core values and focus. This creates a stronger, more integrated provider of superior products and services. Many customers have requested that Eleet expand into the Southern portion of the United States and we are excited about the opportunity to be of service in this region.

    Eleet now has stocking locations in Ohio, Georgia, and Texas for new Taylor-Wharton bulk and micro-bulk tanks to better serve these markets.

    Reinforcing Team with Industry Leaders

    Eleet is excited to announce the addition of Jon (Ty) Bradshaw and Michael Vandergriff to our growing team. This Summer, Ty Bradshaw took over as the Production Supervisor, overseeing cryogenic tank rehabilitation and new cryogenic tank piping processes. Most recently, Bradshaw was General Manager at Applied Industrial Technologies in Bradley, IL.  Prior to working at Applied, he worked at Linde US in various roles including Field Service, Asset Management, and Procurement. Mike came on board as the Director of Sales - Southeast Region in September. Vandergriff is a 30-year industry veteran and has held senior roles in sales, distribution, and field service. Most recently, he worked for Air Liquide leading the divested business required from the Airgas/Air Liquide merger.  Mike has managed in the Southeast for more than 20 years in commercial and customer service roles. We are proud to say that Ty and Mike are now "Eleet!"

    Partnership Is Moving Forward

    The Taylor-Wharton and Eleet Cryogenics partnership is now moving forward at a sustained pace. The most recent management meeting resulted in the development of a priority –driven schedule to meet the requests received from the members of the industry. The full line of atmospheric bulk storage vessels is now available, with vertical 250 psig vessels from 1500-13000 gallons in capacity in stock. 15000 gallon vessels are on the way. Horizontal atmospheric bulk storage vessels are in development, as are both vertical and horizontal hydrogen bulk storage vessels. Once these designs are completed and introduced, the focus will move to both micro-bulk and VJ CO2 bulk storage vessels. It is truly an exciting time for both Taylor Wharton and Eleet Cryogenics as we continue to develop an offering of products and services we believe will be unique. We have identified and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of both companies in a completely transparent interchange and, subsequently, we have formulated our plans to incorporate the strengths of each organization, while we work diligently to strengthen ourselves in the areas where we are experiencing sub-par performance. This approach will afford us the opportunity to improve on a continuous basis. We appreciate all the valuable input we have received from the industry thus far. We encourage you to continue to challenge us with your ideas and input. It is our goal to provide the industry with the highest quality cryogenic storage equipment and services, while also providing a level of flexibility in functionality that is not available to the industry elsewhere. You may reach us via our websites, or via your individual contacts at either Taylor-Wharton or Eleet Cryogenics. More updates to follow in the weeks ahead.

    Emerging Partnership

    The emerging partnership between Eleet Cryogenics and Taylor-Wharton will enable the two companies to jointly provide an extensive range of products and services to the industrial gas industry. The management teams from both companies met recently to discuss the state of the industrial gases industry and to formulate a plan to meet the requirements of its members. Several projects have been initiated as a result of the joint sessions. These projects will culminate in a full line of products available: atmospheric micro-bulk and bulk storage vessels, CO2 micro-bulk and bulk storage vessels, Hydrogen storage vessels, as well as control manifolds, vaporizers, installation materials and accessories, and service support – from consultation to field work. These projects have been prioritized and are underway at this point. Please look for announcements regarding implementation of the projects throughout the second half of 2016. There is a great deal of excitement at both Eleet and Taylor-Wharton as we work together to build a truly customer-focused, full service option for the industrial gas industry. The management teams will be meeting again in the near future to review progress and focus our combined efforts on the opportunities the industry has created for us. There will be more updates in the near future. We encourage your feedback. Please feel free to contact Eleet through our website (or directly through your individual contacts) or Taylor-Wharton through their website (www.TWcryo.com) or through your individual contacts.

    Taylor Wharton Press Release

    Press Release:

    Air Water Inc., has signed a Stock Purchase Agreement and acquired 100% of the shares of Taylor-Wharton Malaysia SBN BHD on February 17, 2016. As part of the transaction, the company will continue to use the Taylor-Wharton name and logo. Air Water Inc., appointed Eric Rottier as Chairman and CEO and Roland Wright as COO. To further company management continuity, twenty year plus Taylor-Wharton employees, Mark Fleischer and John Wimberley, will maintain their respective roles as Global Vice President of Sales and Global Product Manager and all employees of Taylor-Wharton Malaysia are retained. Taylor-Wharton Malaysia will continue to supply Cryogenic Bulk Tanks for Industrial Gas and LNG, MicroBulk, Liquid Cylinders and Beverage Carbonation tanks to its global customers as it has for the past 20+ years from its two high quality strategically located facilities near Kuala Lumpur.

    In order to serve customers in the United States and Canada, Taylor-Wharton Malaysia has entered into a distribution agreement with Eleet Cryogenics extending their partnership that was originally launched with Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics in September of 2014. Eleet will be Taylor-Wharton Malaysia’s exclusive stocking and sales channel for micro-bulk tanks over 1,000 liters, standard atmospheric and hydrogen bulk tanks for the U.S. and Canada. There will be adequate stock of finished products at Eleet’s facility in Bolivar, OH.

    Eric Rottier commented, “I am extremely pleased to extend our partnership with Eleet Cryogenics. Combining Taylor-Wharton’s extensive high quality product offering with Eleet’s strategic stocking location and outstanding reputation of solving problems will provide our customers’ more optionality and an improved service level.”

    Garry Sears, founder and President of Eleet Cryogenics commented, ”I am happy we can continue the relationship we have established with Taylor-Wharton. We have explored opportunities with other tank manufacturers and believe Taylor-Wharton provides the best quality, with the most consistency - something our customers expect from Eleet. Together we will meet the demands of the customers in The USA and Canada by providing quality bulk and micro-bulk tanks from an established level of inventory, as well as provide solutions in a timely manner to an ever changing industry.”

    Questions may be directed to Eric Rottier at erottier@taylorwharton.com or +1(612) 306-1667 or John DeHoust at jdehoust@eleetcryogenics.com or +1 (330)874-4009

    Eleet Awarded the Leonard Parker Pool Safety Award

    Leonard Parker Pool Safety Award Sponsored by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., the award was created in 1978 in memory of Leonard Parker Pool, the founder, and former chief executive of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. The awards are presented annually to participating CGA member companies that have recorded the greatest improvement in safety performance during the previous two years, and is based upon the total recordable case incidence rates as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. There are two divisions of the award. The winners are: • Group 1: More than 2 million employee exposure hours—American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. • Group 2: 2 million or less employee exposure hours—Eleet Cryogenics Inc.

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